Early Morning Compulsory Weight Loss Tips

weight loss supplementI have heard and read all sorts of tips for weight loss over the years but I’ve only found four tips that have become a permanent part of my new lifestyle change. I call them my Morning Mandatory’s. Practicing these four tips can help you on your weight loss journey as well. All of them have a different source, but they work for my body type and I’ll explain the sources later. Here are my Morning Mandatory Weight Loss tips:Start your day off with a full 8oz glass of water: This helps flush out waste that has been sitting in your system over night.

Eat within an hour of waking up: This puts our metabolism to work early and the sooner you start your metabolism working the better.

Meditate in the morning: Meditation is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Starting out your day with meditation puts your body in a position to be open to positive energy and to get a good workout.

Workout in the morning: This gives your metabolism and extra boost and helps you burn calories all day long.

Now my water tip comes from a CD that I got when I bought a book about processed foods and how bad they are for your body. The name of the CD is called “How to lose 30lbs in 30 days.” The author explains that drinking water first thing in the morning will help clean out your digestive system and get your body prepared weight-loss to receive a healthy breakfast. I keep a glass of water by my bed and drink all of it down before I do anything in the morning. I’ve done it so long that it works for me within 30 minutes. I never start my day without it.

The eating within an hour of waking up tip comes directly from my personal trainer. He explained to me that boosting your metabolism early gives it time to work longer. The longer your metabolism is at work, the more calories you burn and we all know calorie burn leads to permanent weigh loss. I’ve had a few struggles with keeping this one up, but the mornings that I do eat within an hour of waking up I notice that I have more energy and it helps me get my the nutrients I need before I workout.

weight loss supplementThe morning meditation I got from the Bible; Matthew 6:33 – But seek ye first the kingdom of God. I use this meditation time in three ways. First it gives my breakfast time to digest before I start my workout and secondly it helps me to decrease my stress and relax my body in the morning. Last but not least, it gives me time with God. I recognize and acknowledge that He is the source of my strength and without Him I can do nothing.

I didn’t get the morning workout tip from anyone in particular. I did a morning workout on a Saturday one day and I realized that I liked it better than an evening workout. An early morning workout gives my metabolism and extra boost and helps me to burn more calories throughout the day. Researchers have actually found that the best time of day to workout is based on your circadian rhythms, which are your physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle in each person. This basically means that some people are morning people and some are evening people. I’m naturally a morning person so that’s why an AM workout is best for me. The key is consistency. Pick whatever time of day is good for you to workout and stick to it. Establishing a consistent workout routine will help you lose weight.