All-natural Skin Treatment – Is All Of It Good?

If you’re like me, you prefer natural things over man-made alternatives: cotton over acrylics, fruit and vegetables over industrially prepared fruit snack bars and alike.

The same organic products goes for skin care: it makes sense to take care of your skin naturally, as the skin itself is 100 per cent natural, too. So we go to the store, take a look at a few of the pretty tubes and jars which all claim to be natural, effective and special, choose one and happily start using it.

Only after a while when we notice our skin is not improving but continues to look older than it should, tired, dry or too oily do we take a look at the ingredients list hidden at the bottom of the packaging, in such tiny letters that we have to really make an effort to understand what it says.

If we persevere and read the list, we’re usually up for a nasty surprise. The “natural skin care” is not 100% natural, but perhaps just 10% or even less of the ingredients are truly natural.

How is that possible? Well, “natural” is not a strictly defined and controlled term like for example “organic”. When it says “organic” on something, it without a doubt is, because if it isn’t, the company making these false claims will be in big trouble soon with the bodies controlling the use of this term.

That’s not the case with “natural” or natural skin care. The companies can make a cream based on whatever they feel like, put in one drop of natural oil and call it natural skin cream. Most companies are not that vile, but many do use ingredients in their “natural products” that you wouldn’t expect to find in them – they usually are cheaper than truly natural ingredients.

One of these ingredients that you often find in so-called natural skin care elastin content products is mineral oil. It’s a side product of crude oil, and even though it’s not man made and therefore technically natural, it’s not something you’ll want in a good natural skin cream: it can dry your skin, cause rashes.

Even in the best case, it doesn’t do anything for your skin! It doesn’t have an anti-aging effect nor does it even really moisturize your skin. It’s used in skin creams because it’s cheap, and that’s it.

That may sound harsh, but it’s true. Companies which care about their customers and really want to help them with their skin problems, usually base their creams on plant-based oils that really nourish the skin, like maracuja oil, babassu wax or grapeseed oil.

If you’d like to know more about what other pitfalls you can find in so-called natural skin care, but also learn about hones companies which produce superior, 100% natural products for your skin, please visit my free website today – the link is below.